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About Us

Originally started in 1999 as DBC Checking, we provided a leaflet backchecking service for three distribution companies in the London Area.

Our client database has expanded since then enabling us to conduct backchecking and market research across the whole country while at the same time providing more of our services online.

We now have both small and major clients within our portfolio and still manage to provide them all with a personal level of service.
Our backchecking services will always remain totally independent and apart from a working relationship with our clients, we are not linked with them in any other way

We don't believe in fancy websites or offering something we can't deliver. We do believe in providing a genuine cost effective service which enables our clients to have peace of mind regarding their distribution.

All of our clients have access to at least one of our partners who will have worked within the distribution industry for many years for both advice and support.

About Us
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