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Services Supplied By The DBC Online Partnership
The DBC Online Partnership can provide you with an excellent backchecking service enabling you to find out if your distribution was received or not.

Our telephone calls always originate from the U.K.

We are happy to accept requests directly from you or from your distributors by telephone, e-mail or using our online request form.

We provide you with unbiased reports ranging from a straight forward Yes or No response to asking extra questions on your behalf to do with the product(s) being checked.

We will then send the reports back to you by telephone, e-mail or sms message.

You will have access to at least one of the Partners here to discuss any results given to you or to discuss the best way in which to conduct your backchecking service.

The DBC Online Service is totally impartial  unlike some distribution companies who backcheck their own deliveries.

Because we are totally independent - we will not be swayed by the distribution company, the distributor or the end client to give a result one way or another.

We offer a small free and without obligation trial of our services.


Market Research: The DBC Online Partnership are also in the position of being able to conduct telephone market research for our Clients. As long as this is conducted as pure research and not for cold calling selling we are able to ask questions either as part of our Backchecking Service or as a stand alone product. Any questions that you need to ask and how you would like the answers forumulated should be discussed in advance. Please contact us for further information.


We do not sell anything on your behalf or supply you with sales leads. We do not book appointments on your behalf. We do not endorse your product(s).

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